SLR RESTORATION INC Provides Exterior Property Services for Facade and Roof Restoration.


Facade Restoration

SLR Restoration inc; Proudly provide services for exterior facade restoration, Balcony restoration, Brick Replacements, Brick Tuck Pointing, Window Lintel Replacements, Stone Repairs and Parapet wall Replacement.

Roof Restoration

SLR Restoration inc; is certified Firestone approved contractor for Commercial and Residential flat roofs.

Facade inspection

SLR Restoration inc' provide services for facade inspection under required local law from Dept. of buildings NYC. Provides out rigger suspended Wire electric and Rope scaffolding approved with CD-5. 

SLR provides complete services including Architect and Engineering services.



Despite major advances in building materials and construction methods, water remains a formidable foe. Cracked, deteriorated masonry allows water to enter into a building, creating leaks that can eventually lead to structural damage. In cold weather, trapped water freezes and expands, causing bricks, stones, and other masonry to loosen, spall, and dislodge.

SLR Restoration, inc has extensive experience in fighting leaks and deterioration through a carefully planned approach to maintenance and repair. SLR's skilled field tech expertise in exterior repairs and waterproofing, including Roof Replacement, and Concrete Repairs




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